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Following a proper watering schedule for Lancaster County is very important when you have new landscaping planted, your lawn seeded or sod put down.

Even though there are some exceptions, as a general rule, we guarantee anything we plant for one full year. Keep in mind that when a landscaper purchases a plant from a grower, the grower makes positively no guarantee of any kind. The landscape contractor is guaranteeing something that has no guarantee when he buys it.

The caveat to our policy is that the plants need to be cared for properly, which means you should ask for watering instructions. For the past 30 to 35 years, we have provided an entire page of written watering instructions for every seeding, sodding or planting job we’ve done. As soon as I realized people were very casual about watering, we instituted this policy, and we have never varied from it. Our foremen know that they are never to leave a job without providing written watering instructions to the homeowner.

I always tell clients that anything we plant is “guaranteed to die.” And I pause long enough to make sure that they understood what I just said. They are naturally surprised by that statement. And then after that pause, and recognition of what I said, I complete the thought by saying, “unless you follow our written watering instructions.”

The truth is that almost all landscape plants and trees are now dug many months prior to them being sold to a landscaping company or even local nurseries. The root balls can sit on giant parking lots or stone for months, until they are brought to your house. They have been out of the ground, and yet perfectly healthy, because they get watered everyday.

Decades ago we needed to worry about infestations, funguses, etc. All of that has pretty much been removed because this is a billion dollar industry. Due to millions of dollars being spent on research and development, plants have been hybridized, sprayed, fertilized and maintained in such a way that all they need to live is to be watered. When a plant arrives in your garden, the correct amount of water is the only ingredient missing.

We give these watering schedules to our clients after we finish their landscaping project. Feel free to download them and use them for yourself to keep your plants, trees and lawn healthy and green.

Watering Instructions for New Plants

Watering Instructions for Annual Flowers

Watering Instructions for New Sod

Watering Instructions for New Seeds

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Watering Schedules for Lancaster County
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