Stone Walkway Lititz - Eshelman Mill Gardens & Landscape
Stone Walkway Path

Recently we installed a natural stone walkway for a customer in Lititz, Pennsylvania. We’re so pleased with the results that we wanted to share them here, on our blog. Here are a few “before” photos.

Digging Pathway
Digging the dirt pathway.


Leveling Dirt Pathway
Leveling the dirt pathway.

Keep scrolling for the “after” photos.

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Stone Walkway

Each stone in the walkway is completely natural, with no man made cuts.

Long Stone Walking Path
Long Stone Walking Path

They had to be placed and adjusted as we went. This process is definitely more art than science.

Curved Stone Path
Curved Stone Path

Cory and I, Rich, worked together to build this stone walkway for a Lititz customer. It was a team effort!

Natural Stone Steps
Natural Stone Steps

The finished stone walkway has a very rustic look. It almost looks like it’s been there for 50 years.

Stone Walkway Path
Stone Walkway and Steps

Simple ideas can add some life and vitality to your space. If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard with a stone walkway or other kind of hardscaping, here are some suggestions.

Ideas for Garden Paths and Walkways

Add a Walkway

Create flow in your yard by adding a stone walkway. Or your walkway can be crafted from pavers or gravel. Line the walkway with solar lights or flowers.

Add a Mini Patio

Identify a nice nook in your yard and replace the lawn with pavers. All you need is a good four-by-four foot space. Once the pavers are in place, you can set a bench, a chaise, a hammock or even a small bistro table and chairs on top of your new mini patio. Colorful cushions and a planter could bring it all together.

Add Color

Nothing brings a yard to life like a bit of color. You can add color in a number of ways. If you have planters in your yard, paint them a bright color and create a unified theme. For example, your outdoor furniture cushions can match the painted planters in your yard. You can also add color with flowers or yard art.

See also: How to Design a Mini Garden Around Landscape Art

Create a Living Wall

A living wall is literally a wall of living plants, and it’s a hot trend right now. You can wedge hanging plants or succulents into a few wooden pallets and mount them onto your fence or the side of your home or garage. You can also mount planters in a display on a fence or wall so that they grow together and create a wall of foliage. It can create a nice focal point in your backyard.

Add a Quiet Place

Identify a small area of your yard that would be perfect for enjoying some solitude. The space might be near a large tree or a hedge. Place a chair or two in the space. Or add a bench there; you can buy interesting ones at second-hand or vintage stores. Position planters around it or add a small water feature nearby and enjoy.

Add Fragrance

Finally, consider adding fragrance to your yard. Lavender is a lovely plant that’s quite hardy and native to Pennsylvania. You might consider roses, lilacs or another fragrance that you enjoy. Having a favorite fragrance will feel like a bit of decadence in your own backyard.

Got some ideas of your own? Call us at (717) 951-5950 or contact us through this website. We’re happy to give you a free, no-strings-attached estimate.

Beautiful Stone Walkway in Lititz, PA
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  • June 2, 2021 at 3:16 am

    That’s proof that hardscaping is powerful. By doing this, it can uplift your boring space into a wonderful place! Stone is really a flexible material.


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