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Patio Lighting

Patio lighting plays a very important role in the ambiance of your outdoor space. You can use different patio lighting options to create a party atmosphere, an inviting dining area or an intimate setting.

Patio lighting is also an important safety measure. Not only will it keep you from stumbling around your backyard, it will also prevent theft; burglars like to remain inconspicuous.

You have a seemingly endless list of options in patio lighting. Let’s take a look at some of the most common patio lighting options used in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber optic lights use only  one power source. Because LED lights do not produce heat, they’re much safer to use in most outdoor environments and weather. Be sure to check with your landscape or hardscape designer before they install it.

Although, installing fiber optic lights can be a fun DIY project. Installing your own fiber optic patio lighting can cost around $300 if you install it yourself.

Low Voltage LED Light Fixtures

This lighting option runs on a 12-volt current instead of the normal 120-volt household current. That low voltages can make installation a DIY-friendly project. You will pay approximately $600 for eight fixtures and a 12-volt transformer.

A popular place for these patio lighting fixtures is on surrounding posts. They offer ambient lighting and will also illuminate steps and railing.

Moveable Lighting

Another option is an over-sized, waterproof floor lamp. It’s waterproof because it’s constructed from a plastic shade, a galvanized steel frame and an aluminum. A waterproof floor lamp can provide enough light for your whole patio, depending where you place it.

Lead weights make this kind of lamp sturdy, even in windy conditions. (If there is a warning for high winds, be sure to move the lamp, as well as any other loose patio pieces, into a safe area.)

Be sure to plus your lamp into a waterproof outdoor outlet, which are installed on most houses. If you don’t have waterproof outdoor outlets, you can contact an electrician to have them installed.

String Lights

String lights offer style and flexibility. They can hang in any location and there’s no need to conceal the wiring. You’ll find dozens of different shapes, colors and sizes on the market. Find the perfect lighting that fits the theme of your patio. Do you entertain? You might like a large, round, clear bulb. Do you enjoy the quiet in the evening? Then smaller, twinkling lights might be more appropriate.

A 14-foot-long string of string lights costs approximately $20. You can find them at most big box stores and home improvement stores.

Combination Light and Ceiling Fan

In addition to lighting up your patio, a light and ceiling fan combination can offer you a cool breeze on a hot day. Ceiling fans are especially popular on patios in Lancaster that have screened-in porches or three-season rooms.

There are many styles to choose from. Go for a combination that fits the style of your patio area. Pick a dark wood in a sleek style for a sophisticated look. Or choose a fan with a woven pattern for a more casual, beach feel.

Ceiling fans cost around $200 to $300 before labor charges.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Motion-activated patio lighting is a great option for two reasons. First, it’s triggered by movement, so any unwelcome nighttime visitors will be flooded with light, which will help prevent theft. Second, because the lights are only on when they’re triggered by movement, you will also save on electricity. A bright LED light can detect movement from eight feet away and will stay on for about 30 seconds.

You can have hardwired or battery-operated motion-activate lights installed. This is a great option if you have any stairs leading to your patio. The battery life for this lighting option is approximately one year. Battery-operated lights cost approximately $40 for a set of three lights, before labor costs.

Final Decision

Take into account all of your options and needs when deciding on patio lighting. The more important features of your patio lighting should be that they’re safe in all weather and provide enough light for safety. Beyond that, choose lighting that fits your style. That way, your patio lighting will be both practical and aesthetic.

Need help? We’re happy to discuss your patio and patio lighting needs. Call us at (717) 951-5950 or contact us online.

Light Up the Night with These Patio Lighting Ideas
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