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How much does an outdoor kitchen cost in Lancaster County? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to that question. The cost of an outdoor kitchen is dependent on what kind of materials you use, how big it is, which amenities you choose and what kind of appliances you want.

Read our outdoor kitchen FAQ to find out more about your outdoor kitchen cost and other concerns.

Outdoor Kitchen FAQ

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Outdoor Kitchen FAQ Lancaster

Can I have an outdoor kitchen without paying a fortune?

Of course! The term “outdoor kitchen” can mean many different things. Everyone pictures something different in their mind.

While many people see $50,000 kitchens in magazines and on TV, you don’t have to spend that much to have an outdoor kitchen that serves your purposes and looks attractive. While we can build you an outdoor kitchen with a stone fireplace, a pizza oven, granite counter tops, a propane fire pit and stainless steel cabinetry, we don’t have to.

An outdoor living space that functions as food prep area can come in many different forms. A beautiful patio, with a built-in space for a grill, and a sitting area centered around a fire pit can be built on a reasonable budget.

Simple Outdoor Kitchen
Example of a Simple Outdoor Kitchen

If outdoor kitchen cost is a concern, another option is to have us design your space to be installed in stages. That way, you are only paying for one section of your outdoor kitchen at a time.

When it comes to your outdoor kitchen cost, here in Lancaster, we are very happy to work with you to make sure we stay within your budget.

 I’d like an outdoor kitchen and living space, but where do I start?

The first place to start is deciding how you want to use your outdoor kitchen space. The form, or what it’s going to look like, should follow the function, which is how you will use it.

For instance, how large will your table be? If you’re picturing a table that will seat four to six people, we can design an area that fits a table that size. But if you envision an area that will seat 8, 10 or 12 people for a large gathering, then the size of the patio has to be bigger to accommodate a table and chairs comfortably. (It’s such a shame when people invest in a patio, only to find out that their guests will fall off into a garden bed or the lawn because the design didn’t include space for guests to slide out their chairs!)

The next question is, do you want a separate area for grilling? Most often, the answer is yes. But the grilling area should be near enough to the indoor kitchen to make carrying food and dishes back and forth easier. Your outdoor kitchen will get much more use if it’s easy to use.

Then, think about whether you want a seating area that’s separate from the dining area. You might be picturing a low table with two lounge chairs beside it. If so, your outdoor living space must be big enough to accommodate this furniture, as well.

Outdoor Kitchens on Pinterest

Lastly, think about varying the heights of walls and countertops to separate the function of one area from the other. Try not to look at everything as a flat plane. For instance, it will be easier for you to carry food and drinks from the inside to the outside, if your doorway and the transition area are level with your inside space. The easier we make that transition, the more often the you will use your outdoor kitchen area. Instead of steps, your design could included a series of terraces to make the transition easier.

The key to investing in an outdoor living space is to build it around how you will use it. If it’s designed to fit your needs, then you will use your outdoor kitchen much more often, which will make your investment worth it.

Paver Patio in Lancaster, PA Eshelman Mill Gardens and Landscapes
An outdoor kitchen we built for a Lancaster County customer.

Is bigger always better?

Not necessarily. Depending on how you want to use your outdoor kitchen area, a divided space may work better for you than having just one very large open area. Maybe you would enjoy having a living area that is separate from the grilling and eating area. Both areas don’t have to be connected on a large patio. Instead those spaces could be could divided by plants, lattice work, a water feature or a hot tub.

Can I build my outdoor kitchen with something other than brick pavers?

You bet. There are so many different types, colors and patterns of man-made pavers that you can completely customize the look of your outdoor kitchen.

There are also many different styles, colors and textures of natural stone, if you’d rather use a natural material. You could choose flagstone, different blue stones, granite, etc. You can also use different combinations of these materials.

We strongly recommend spending time with a designer to find out exactly what you like. Then you can consider your options and choose combinations that are to your taste. When we work with customers, we want to leave them them with a beautiful outdoor space that is not only functional, but also a wonderful investment in your home.

Of course, we can build an outdoor kitchen area using real brick. Just like pavers, there are many many different colors and styles of brick to choose from.

Backyard Grill and Patio in Lancaster, PA Eshelman Mill Gardens and Landscapes
Section of an outdoor space we built for a Lancaster County customer.

Are there specific elements that we should consider in our design for an outdoor kitchen or outdoor space?

As we mentioned, the first thing to consider is how you intend to use space. Everything about your outdoor kitchen cost and design will depend on how you want to use it. After that, there are other things to consider.

Consider adding shade for sunny areas. Shade can come in the form of umbrellas, shade trees or a pergola.

Would you like to have a water feature? We have designed and built koi ponds and pondless water falls for our customers. Then you can enjoy the soothing sound of running water while you’re relaxing in your outdoor space.

How will you light the space? Outdoor lighting is frequently overlooked. The right lighting not only adds beauty to the project, but also is very functional, because you can enjoy your outdoor space in the evening. We often hear our customers say how thankful they are that we added lighting because they get so much use of their outdoor space at night.

Consider sitting walls. They’re beautiful and functional as seating. Plus, you can have lighting built into the wall.

Do you want a separate area for a hot tub? Hot tubs are a wonderful addition for your family to enjoy and a crowd-pleaser at parties.

Consider what kind of grill you want. If you choose a propane grill, those lines need to be installed before the hardscape is built.

Consider an outdoor sink. Outdoor sinks are very handy in an outdoor kitchen. With a sink outside, it’s one less reason to go back into the house.

When is the best time to build an outdoor kitchen?

The best time to build an outdoor kitchen is as soon as you’re ready to start spending more time outdoors. You don’t have to wait for fall to build it this year and enjoy it next year. Likewise, you don’t have to wait for spring.

For Lancaster County residents, the best time to build an outdoor kitchen or outdoor space may be in July, August and September. By July, most hardscape design companies, like ours, are finished with the rush of spring projects. By July, most hardscape design companies are into maintenance and have availability to give you the time and attention you need to invest in an outdoor kitchen.

Plus, why wait? If your outdoor space is built in July or August, you can enjoy it this year during the end of summer and the beginning of fall. We hate to see customers build their ideal outdoor kitchen in the fall, only to have to wait all winter to enjoy it.

Bottom Line

Often, the added touches that make your outdoor kitchen spectacular are not necessarily huge investments in money. The special touches are usually the result of a well thought-out, preconceived design.

Looking to keep your outdoor kitchen cost within a budget? We’re happy to work with you. Call us at (717) 951-5950 or contact us through this website.

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