How to Grow Your Own Pumpkins for Jack O' Lanterns
Grow Your Own Pumpkins for Jack O Lanterns

Growing your own pumpkins is very satisfying, especially when it’s time to carve Jack o’ lanterns for Halloween. 🎃 Did you forget to plant your pumpkin patch for this year? Mark your calendar for next spring, then bookmark this post to help you plant your pumpkin patch for next year. Here’s what to do.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pick your pumpkin seeds. There’s a wide variety, so choose one that appeals to you. Autumn Gold is especially good for carving.

Pumpkin on the Vine

Plant the seeds in a full-sun spot. Pick a day after the last frost to sow seeds directly in the ground. Each seed packet will list how long on average the plant needs to produce full-grown pumpkins.

Water and care for your pumpkin plants. Most vegetable crops need a deep yet gentle soaking once per week — about an inch of water at a time.

Fertilize the soil as needed. Pumpkins are heavy feeders. Using an all-purpose vegetable garden fertilizer (not one designed for lawns) can provide them with the right food they need.

Lone Pumpkin

Harvest your pumpkins.

After several months of growing, your pumpkins will reach maturity when the rinds harden and reach the desired shade. Definitely harvest before a heavy frost, which will damage the fruits, Burpee advises. Cut the vine with pruning shears leaving several inches of stem attached. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor — either by carving, cooking, or decorating.

Pumpkin Patch

What are your tips for growing pumpkins? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook post.

How to Grow Your Own Pumpkins for Jack O’ Lanterns

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