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Fall Chores for a Better Spring

Although the growing season is over, it’s not quite time to stop gardening. Do these fall chores, and you’ll reap the benefits with a beautiful garden in the spring.

Collect dried seed heads or pods from vegetables and flowers. You can sow them over the winter or in the spring.

Fall Chores Seed Heads

Cut and collect interesting dried flowers, like hydrangea, yarrow or even sunflowers. Display them on their own or incorporate them into wreaths or other arrangements.

Fall Chores Dried Flowers

Clean and prepare your bird feeders. You’ll enjoy a nature show all winter long.

Fall Chores Bird Feeders

Winterize your water garden. Get ready to turn off the pump and turn on the ice breaker. Don’t forget to cover the water garden with netting, to keep the falling leaves out.

Fall Chores Water Garden

Continue to water trees and shrubs until the ground freezes. Although they’re dormant, they still need a good drink to keep them over the winter.

Fall Chores Water Trees

Spread compost or manure on your beds to enrich their nutrients. You don’t even need to work it into the soil. Jack Frost will do that for you.

Fall Chores Spread Compost

Cut back dead or diseased perennials. If you’d like winter interest, leave ornamental grasses and some seed heads intact. Then cut them back in the spring.

Fall Chores Perennials

Winterize your tools. We’ve got a great blog post about winterizing all your gardening tools.

Fall Chores Winterize Tools

Be sure to bookmark this post so you have a healthy, gorgeous garden in the spring.


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Fall Chores for a Better Spring Garden
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