15 Inspired Water Features for Your Garden or Yard
Fountain Water Basin

Adding water features to your yard or garden can completely transform your space. Water features can be both soothing and aesthetically appealing. Picture yourself sitting in a comfortable chair next to your, listening to a fountain burble while you read a good book or magazine.

Having water features installed is fairly easy and relatively inexpensive. Plus, water features require only minimal maintenance.

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15 Ideas for Inspired Water Features

Beyond the Pond

Small ponds are very popular water features in Lancaster County and with good reason. Ponds provide not only interest and ambiance, but also a habitat for fish and frogs. However, if you’d like to break with tradition and trends, you can choose something other than a pond as your water feature.

Choosing the right water feature for your home requires a bit of thought. You should pick one that goes well with the rest of your garden. You want to choose a water feature that matches the rest of your garden decorations. Is Does your garden have a sophisticated style or whimsical? Are your yard decorations colorful and playful, or sleek and sophisticated?

If you can’t tell what your own style might be, ask a friend or family member what their impressions of your garden are. Ask them to describe, specifically, the style of your yard decorations. This will give you an idea of where to start with your water features.

Powering Your Water Feature

Unless your water feature is a simple birdbath, you will most likely need a power source. Most water features circulate water through a pump, which requires electricity.

If your water feature will be close to your home, you may only need an extension cord (that is well-camouflaged). However, if your garden isn’t close to your home, you will need to upgrade your system. Although you can purchase extension cords that are meant to be buried, you may want to consult a professional.

Inspired Water Features

These water features are creative ways to add interest to your yard or garden. From staid and traditional, to modern and abstract, one of these water features is sure to give you some exciting ideas of your own.

Rainfall Wall

Rainfall Wall

This rainfall wall from Designer Water Features in Australia is made of copper, so it will develop a beautiful patina over time.

Scupper with Box

Scupper with Box water feature

This water feature from Solus is self-contained.

Bowl with Rocks

Bowl with Rocks water feature

This bowl with rocks from Freshome is also self-contained for easy maintenance.

Rain Chain

Copper Rain Chain Water Feature

Rain chains have become a popular way to guide water from the gutters to a basin, barrel or rock bed. You can choose from many different designs. This copper rain chain is featured on From House to Home.

Stone Water Feature

Retaining Wall Water Feature

Retaining wall blocks disguise the mechanism in this water feature from Tree Amigos.

Stacked Rocks

Stacked Rocks Water Feature

These stacked rocks from Landscape Connection make a simple, but elegant, water feature.

Short Copper Waterfall

Short Copper Wall Waterfall

This short, copper wall provides a stand-alone waterfall. Featured on the DIY Network.

Tree Fountain

Tree Fountain

This unusual fountain from Malibu Fountains looks like a tree.

Vortex Water Feature

Water Vortex

This water feature from DIY Gardening Ideas creates its own hurricane.

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Solar Water Feature

Round stainless steel water feature

This round, stainless steel water feature from Aqua Moda is solar-powered.

Sculpted Logs

Sculpted logs water feature

This water feature from Hayneedle gives new meaning to the phrase “water-logged.”

Stainless Steel Cascade

Stainless steel cascade water feature

This sleek water feature from Aqua System has its own LED lights that let you enjoy the fountain at night.

Mini Grotto

Mini Pool Grotto

If you have a pool, a waterfall is a natural addition. This waterfall from Mission Pools creates a mini grotto.

Bubbling Boulder

Boulder Rock Water Feature

This bubbling boulder from UK Water Features comes in a kit, ready to install.

Traditional Fountain

Lion Water Fountain

A traditional fountain, like this one in Florida, gives your home an old world appeal.

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