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Best Plants for Landscaping in Pennsylvania

Which plants are the best plants for landscaping in Pennsylvania? Our landscape designer, Lauren Engle, shares her favorite plants and trees in our YouTube video.

Many of her favorite plants are native to Pennsylvania, which means they’ll thrive in Lancaster.

Keep reading to find out which plants are Lauren’s favorites. We also included photos and optimal growing conditions for your reference.

Eastern Redbud

Redbud Tree

The eastern redbud (cercis canadensis) gets a really beautiful bloom before it leafs out in the spring. Lauren calls it “a show stopper.”

The redbud is also a native tree.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Full sun. Light, rich soil that’s relatively moist and slightly acidic.

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Amsonia is a great perennial. It’s a tall, native plant that isn’t showy, but has a great texture. It has a very small thin leaf and turns brilliant gold color in the fall.

Amsonia is very attractive when it’s planted in a large mass. It’s also a great pairing with winterberry holly. In the fall, the holly’s red berries contrast wonderfully with the gold hue of the amsonia.

Because amsonia is tall, you’ll want to plant something shorter in front of it.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Grows in just about any conditions. Prefers full sun to partial shade.


Creeping Myrtle

Myrtle (vinca minor), sometimes referred to as creeping myrtle, is a wonderful groundcover because it doesn’t climb. Myrtle spreads quickly.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Partial shade to full shade.

Gro-low Sumac

Gro-low Sumac

Gro-low sumac (rhus aromatica) is also a nice groundcover. It works well on a hillside or bank.

Lauren uses gro-low sumac in areas that families don’t use walk through but still want to see some color.

It also requires very little maintenance.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Full sun to partial shade.

Rozanne Geranium

Rozanne Geranium

Rozanne geranium is also a very easy perennial to grow. It blooms from June until Thanksgiving with very little maintenance.

Rozanne geranium has a bright purple flower, but doesn’t require deadheading, like annual geraniums.

Plant them in large groups — 12 or more — for a showy display.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Full sun to partial shade. Prefers well-drained soil.

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Best Plants for Landscaping in Pennsylvania

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