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For a beginner gardener, the sheer number of tools that you can buy can be overwhelming. Let’s talk about the only essential tools you’ll need to garden in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

If you’re thinking about taking your gardening seriously, and working on your garden every day to increase your curb appeal, then you’ll want have the right tools for your gardening tasks. You might be tempted to go out to the store and just buy the first tools you see, but you’ll be much happier if you put lots of thought into the styles and types of tools you’re buying.

There are tools designed just for gardening, and as a beginner, you need to have the essentials.

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Gardening Tools for Beginners

What to Buy

As far as basic digging tools go, you might already have all you’ll need. There are several types of tools that you should have when you do certain tasks in the garden. Having these different varieties of digging tools can help you to minimize the work you have to do.

A rounded shovel is good for digging holes for plants. For example, digging a large hole with a small spade takes too much time and effort.

A spade is necessary for all the more intricate work, digging up weeds and edging. Doing more detailed work with a big shovel can be clumsy.

A garden fork will have many uses, for small jobs and big. Use it to break up sod and clumps of soil, or to evenly spread soil or gravel in a small area.

A rake is an absolute necessity. You most likely already have one, but I’m guessing it’s a lawn rake and not a garden rake. There is definitely a difference, and if you try to use a lawn rake in a garden then you will not be happy with the results. Look for a bowhead rake, not flat. These types of rakes are the best for gardening purposes. They will provide you the maximum control and accuracy, so you don’t accidentally tear up your precious plants. Use a bowhead rake for breaking up clods of dirt or preparing a seedbed for planting.

As for hoes, there are two that you should have on hand to make gardening easier. An onion hoe is very lightweight and ideal for small cultivation and weeding. The Warren hoe is a larger model, with a pointed end, which is useful for making a hole or digging out a pesky weed. There are several other varieties, but I recommend starting with these two. As you become more savvy in your gardening, you will find the need for more types.

When people are new to gardening, they tend to rely solely on a simple spade or shovel. Then, they get discouraged because their gardening chores are too difficult. But with the right gardening tools, you’ll find the jobs are much easier to complete. You’ll get more satisfaction out of your gardening efforts by having the right tools. Soon enough, you’ll know when one tool would be more efficient than another.

Where to Buy

You can find most of the tools you will need at your local gardening or home improvement shop. The employees will be very helpful in finding the ideal tools for you. If you go to a shop that specializes in gardening, like Stauffers of Kissel Hill, you will always get great advice in addition to top-notch customer service. Gardening store employees are usually an untapped wealth of wisdom.

If you are having a hard time finding the right tool or if you want to save some money, you might try looking online for the supplies you need. You’ll have to pay the shipping costs and wait longer to get your tools, but the total savings will be worth it. Of course, you should always buy from a reputable seller and read online reviews for anything negative that people have said about their buying experience.

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List of Essential Tools for the Beginner Gardener
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